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1. Domains what are they? Your Name on the Internet.
2. Do I need one? More people should have one.
3. I have a business, should I have one? Absolutely, Yes.
4. I don't have a business, should I have one? Possibly, see below.

For a more detailed answer to these questions, please read on just below.

We can register your new domain name in the: Australian, New Zealand, American, Taiwanese and a lot more, extension types.

And Yes, you can transfer most domains to our service.

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1. Domains what are they? A Domain Name is your name on the Internet. Be it your business name or your personal name. Names are also used instead of IP addresses, like As you can see, quite simply a name is much easier to remember than an IP address.

2. Do I need one? Not everyone needs one, but everyone can have one, if they want too.

3. I have a business, should I have one? Yes. If you have a business you definitely should have a domain name. Even if your website only tells a relatively simple story about your business and who you are. It is also the cheapest form of advertising you will buy. Millions and Millions of people all over the world are accessing the internet daily. For general research, business information, just browsing, games and many more reasons. Why not have your name there and utilise, this very cheap almost FREE, advertising. How many phone books can you list your business in, for around $150 per year, (including web hosting)? In most cases you would be lucky to get a one line entry for that, in just one phone book.
Anyone looking to employ your services, or buy your product/s no matter what they are, can then be directed to your Domain Name and read all about you, your business, your products or services. This is also so much easier than trying to send a fax or something similar to explain who, what and where. And it works for everyone, no matter where they are, in your country or anywhere else in the world.

4. I don't have a business, should I have one? Nobody HAS, to have one. But everyone can have one. There are many good reasons to having your own domain. For example if you are just a private person (don't own a business) you could have your own personal email address. Avoid the hassle of changing emails every time you change ISP's, or the ISP changes hands. For example: your name is "Joe Bloggs" you might be able to get "" and have a email name like "", or ", or, your email address could be something like "" (depending on availability).
Once you purchase your domain name it is totally unique around the world and no one else can have it, so long as you renew it, when it falls due.

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If you have any other questions about domain names please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to answer your question, so that you can understand it, (without all the techno mumbo jumbo). Just use anyone of the many contact options on our website.